Ottawa Valley Research Hub

Rally in the Valley


August 27th, Riverside Park, Pembroke

We will start with some music while the vehicles are getting parked and folks are arriving.  Don't rush.  Be safe.  We won't start until folks have arrived.  Speakers will talk for 10 to 15 minutes each.  If you have something to add and would like to say a few words,   find me, Chris Pomeroy and let me know.  We will find time for everyone during an open mic portion of the event.    Here is a list of our excellent speakers. We'll have to limit speakers to 15 minutes max.  10 may be better.  The list is quite long and we will want to hear from everyone.  Thanks for your understanding.

Chris Pomeroy (Introduction)

Al Cashin (opening prayer and song)

Josh (save canada)

David Ainsworth (Unity)

Shawn Hayes (Masks)

Rob Stocki (Media deception)

PEACEMAN (Convoy Icon)

Monty (save Canada)

James Formosa (veterans 4 freedom)

Donna Burns (Landowners/Farmers)

Rob Efelski (Germ Theory/ emf)

Cheyne Findlay (sex ed. curriculum in primary grades)

Kirk (Chemtrails/Geo engineering)

Philip Lafleche (8 million postcard project)

Chris Daley (former pharma rep, teacher)

Jane Scharf (Ottawa)

Lyle  (CHCR Homegrown Community Radio, Killaloe)